Friday, October 31, 2014

Women sharing tools for EASE with Pregnancy & Birthing

Last night I had the pleasure of hanging out with four amazing women who are leading the creation of a totally different way of being, doing & having ... BABIES!

A few of the key elements we discussed regarding how to have ease with pregnancy and birthing were...

1) Ask questions...all the time. Watch for our favorites!
2) You Know. (So does your body!)
3) Don't forget the Baby!  Ask it to contribute! They're big beings just coming in small packaging!
4) You're not wrong...ever.
5) What if you're creating a new reality with every choice you make?

Would you like to watch the replay? Here you go!

What if there is a totally different possibility available? What if it's your choice that creates it? Is now the time for a different paradigm with pregnancy and birthing? One where you know...and you're not wrong?

Let's create it!

To learn more about the women featured in this hangout, visit or the Facebook group here!

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